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For the treatment of the acute and chronic painful syndromes, besides the usual oral drugs, especially in case of non response, it is often necessary to make recourse to other treatments. Among them, the mesotherapy has an important place. The mesotherapy is now part of the inter-university course of the French medical schools.

In our center we provide Mesotherapy mainly for headache and cervical pain.

The mesotherapy consists in very superficial and not painful local injections, through the skin, of the lowest quantities of the classic drugs.  The basic principle of the mesotherapy is to inject small quantities of drugs where the pain it is.
These injections can be intra epidermic, intradermal superficial or deep, generally, between 2 and 4 mm under the surface of the skin. We use very fine needles (Ø 0.4mm) and single-use material.

The injectable products are the ones of the general medicine, but in very small quantity and namely: myorelaxants, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory drugs vasodilators, multivitamins, etc. Once injected, the drug remains in the site of injection to be released locally and slowly. There are almost never side effects. Doses are very low and there are no unfavorable interactions with the the oral traitements. The intra-epidermic injections are feasible also in case of patients treated by oral anticoagulants, because there is any hemorrhagic risk. The mesotherapy turns out to be particularly interesting for the older individuals, in particular those who already received  many standard oral drugs and want and/or can try another route of administration. There is no risk of HIV or viral hepatitis. All the precautions of antisepsis are taken.

The mesotherapy can lead rather quickly to the disappearance of a pain or its cure but only when the diagnosis is correctly provided. We have to know exactly what we treat. If radiological investigations are necessary to obtain a diagnosis, they must be done before mesotherapy. In the case of pain due to discal hernia, mesotherapy can be done even before recurring to deep infiltrations with CT-guide.

Generally, we provide 2-3 treatments (with a delay of 8-10 days among them) and, in the chronic cases, if there is a positive effect, the treatment is repeated every 3-4 months.
The administration of corticoids is forbidden with mesotherapy. The mesotherapy is a medical act and should be done by doctors. You can find the list of the doctors exercising the mesotherapy  Switzerland on the site of the Swiss society of Mesotherapy (

The Dr A. CAROTA is a member of the Swiss society of mesotherapy and uses this treatment for headache and cervical pain, also for the migraine (preventive treatment), arthrosis pain or the neurogenic pain (neuralgias, focal neuropathies, radiculopathies) or post-traumatic pain of the spine and the limbs. The mesotherapy has also a place also for the treatment of the postherpetic neuralgia or its prevention.

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  1. Mesotherapy is no doubt a good option & one which I would opt for if necessary.

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