MINI-COG: to do absolutely

The MINI-COG (Borson and al. 2000) is an excellent screening test for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I always suggest to general doctors or to relatives to perform the test to the person with memory difficulties.
The test requires only three minutes of time. It is a very easy and excellent screening test.
It is necessary to cite three words (BANANA-SUNRISE-CHAIR) and let him repeat, asking to memorize the words for the future.
Afterwords, it is necessary to give to the subject the instructions to draw ta clock. He has to write the numbers and put the hands at 11:10. These consignes can be repeated but no additional instruction must be given. There is no time limit.
Afterwords, we ask the subject to recall the three words (1 point for every correct word, the order is not important).
The clock is considered normal or abnormal; normal if all the numbers are present with good sequence and position with the hands indicating the desired hour.
The test is positive (indicating a probability of 90 % of dementia or Alzheimer disease) if the clock is abnormal and there is a score of 0, 1 or 2 for the remembered words. The test is negative with a score of 3 for the words, or 1 or 2 for words together with an abnormal clock.
The figure shows the clock of a patient with an Alzheimer’s disease at a late stage.
The sensibility of the MINI-COG is high. If the test is positive there is approximately 80-90 % of probability that the patient has dementia or Alzheimer’’s disease, while the false negatives are below 10).
If the test is positive you should not hesitate to contact us, because, in these cases, it is necessary to make a diagnosis as soon and as accurate as possible.

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  1. Thank you for explaining this test.
    I used a similar test for short term & working memory in dyslexic students, involving the repetition of a string of numbers for short term memory & repetition in reverse of numbers for working memory.


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