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Occipital neuralgia

The occipital neuralgia (formerly called Arnold’s neuralgia) is a primary headache, which must be distinguished from the migraine. The main symptom is an electric, burning and invalidating pain (generally different from the migraine), of which the origin is just below … Continuer la lecture

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Minor Hemisphere Major Syndromes

Dr Carota recently published an extensive article entitled « Minor hemisphere major syndromes » on a prestigious international journal of neurology. You can take a look to understand how the functional differences of the two brain hemispheres result in different syndromes in … Continuer la lecture

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MINI-COG: to do absolutely

The MINI-COG (Borson and al. 2000) is an excellent screening test for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I always suggest to general doctors or to relatives to perform the test to the person with memory difficulties. The test requires only three … Continuer la lecture

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