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Dressing apraxia (Apraxie de l’habillage)

Dressing apraxia is a syndrome of the right (incorrectly defined as minor) hemisphere, indicating the incapacity of effectuating the acts of dressing correctly (for example passing the head in the sleeve or dressing trousers at the inverse etc…). However this … Continuer la lecture

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Alarm: Alzheimer’s disease

The Alzheimer’s Association has developed a checklist of common symptoms to help recognize the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.     They are: 1Memory loss 2 Difficulty performing familiar tasks 3 Problems with language 4 Disorientation to time and … Continuer la lecture

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Delirium, what to do?

Delirium is a medical emergency. Thus, the management must focus initially on the identification and treatment of the causes. This could seem obvious but the diagnosis of delirium could be difficult initially and probably the majority of patients admitted to … Continuer la lecture

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