Small revolution against migraine.

In Switzerland, there is a million of people suffering from migraine.
Now, in our center in Gland (, we can prescribe the Erenumab, a new preventive drug for the episodic (less than 15 days of crises a month) or chronic (more than 15 days of crisis a month during more than 3 months) migraine.
Erenumab is a monoclonal antibody which blocks the protein associated with the calcitonin gene (CGRP-R) and which acts exclusively on the vascular meningeal sites where the migraine pain starts. Thus, this is, for the first time, a biological action which is very specific for migraine and that is different from the one of other painkillers or preventive drugs.
The treatment is supplied in the form of a pen injection. The injection is subcutaneous and should be done once a month. Several clinical trials demonstrated that Erenumab reduced (for about 3000 migrainous patients), at least of a half the monthly number of days of migraines to 40 to 50 % of the patients. According to these studies 25% of the patients with migraine could become free of crises.
Actually, the drug has almost no side effects. Too good to be true? The dark side of the moon is the high price of the drug (about 600 CHF/month). The Swiss health insurances refund the 90% of the cost of the drug, but it is necessary asking for the authorization for each patient.

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