When the neurologist meets the dentist

NeurodentPost-traumatic trigeminal neuropathy is a frequent disorder occurring with a proportion of 40% of all cases of trigeminal neuropathy. This condition manifests after traumatic injury of the facial branches of the trigeminal nerve.
A great number of cases occur with the extraction of the lower third molar as there is proximity between the apexes of the third molar and the inferior alveolar nerve and the lingual nerve. In these cases, localized sensory deficits along the nerve territories are reported. For a significant proportion of these patients, no significant recovery occurs and if recovery occurs this actually progresses over the first 6-12 months. Trigeminal neuropathy can occur also after dental anesthesia, inferior alveolar nerve blockade and dental implant placement, but this seems a quite rare occurrence.
Several patients can seek economical compensation from insurances companies but the disorder, especially when pain is present, can have important functional and psychological repercussions on daily life and professional activities. Facial pain occurring after traumatic trigeminal neuropathy is often very difficult to treat. Patients are quite disabled by their symptoms and most therapies seem ineffective in relieving this pain.

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