The mysterious left side of the space around ourselves

spatial NeglectOne side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. However there are differences between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.
Unilateral spatial neglect is a cluster of symptoms characterized by a failure to orient, or react to stimuli located predominantly on the contralesional side (generally the left side for patients with right parietal lobe lesions).
Patients with USN shave on the right side of the face, eat from the right side of the dish, read the right extremity of newspapers titles, omit the left details of drawings and forget to wear the left earpiece of spectacles.
USN is more common, severe and long lasting for the left side of the space after lesions of the RIGHT hemisphere and is not explained by some elementary sensory deficit. Patients have partial awareness of the problem (anosognosia).
USN is still a mysterious syndrome, which is intensely debated since the beginnings of 19th century with many hypothesis and relatively few answers. It is just one disorder or is due to the sum of multiple spatial disorder? What is the basic mechanism of the syndrome? What is the role of the right parietal lobe in spatial tasks in normal condition?
I think that the theories on mechanisms of the USN should necessarily include also the function of the areas on the left hemisphere involved in spatial rotations. I think that the syndrome is the result of the dysfunction of the integration of spatial information (in tridimensional coordinates) of the homologous areas of both hemispheres, which program body movements. These areas in normal conditions facilitate the work of the dominant eye, hand, leg on the right side of the body.
I would like to discuss with some experts of spatial dimensions and trajectories (engineers, physicists, mathematics) some issues about tridimensional and angular movements, which could be determinant for USN.

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