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Recherche de médecin spécialiste

Nous désirons developper ultérieurement notre centre de neurologie et nous cherchons (à temps plein ou à temps partiel) un médecin indépendant d’une autre spécialité (possiblement apparentée avec la neurologie ou un psychiatre ou un spécialiste de médecine interne) avec un … Continue reading

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Mesotherapy onboarding

For the treatment of the acute and chronic painful syndromes, besides the usual oral drugs, especially in case of non response, it is often necessary to make recourse to other treatments. Among them, the mesotherapy has an important place. The … Continue reading

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Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

Dans notre centre de Neurologie à Gland, nous avons maintenant la possibilité d’effectuer des traitements de stimulation magnétique transcrânienne répétitive (rTMS). Nous sommes les seuls neurologues installés, de la Suisse romande à proposer ce traitement ambulatoire. Il s’agit d’une méthode non invasive de stimulation … Continue reading

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Mona Lisa Syndrome

The Mona Lisa syndrome is the name given to the condition of the idiopathic peripheral facial palsy occurring in the third trimester of pregnancy or the postpartum period. Partial motor recovery due to wallerian regeneration and related synkinesis of the … Continue reading

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Emotionalism is an increase in the frequency of crying (shedding tears, sobbing) or laughing episodes in comparison to the patient’s condition before the disease. Emotionalism might be one main symptom of stroke or other neurological disorders (vascular, traumatic, degenerative, neoplastic … Continue reading

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Ramsay Hunt syndrome and Bell’s palsy

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or ‘Zoster Oticus’ is a rare, severe complication of varicella zoster virus (VZV) or Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) reactivation in the geniculate ganglion. The triad of RHS consists of otalgia, vesicles in the auditory canal and ipsilateral … Continue reading

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Season greetings

Happy 2014 Wishing you exciting times

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