Preventing Alzheimer

Preventing Alzh

The best you can do to prevent Alzheimer disease, according to scientific studies, is having a healthy midlife life. You should run (at least 30min by day or what is sufficient for sweating) (Defina et al. Ann Med Int 2013) follow a Mediterranean diet (Lourida et al. Epidemiology 20013) and drinking some (not so much) red wine (Vingtdeux et al. BMC Neurosci 2008 suppll. 2) or red grape juice (which contains all the best substances of wine without alcohol).  You have also to be intellectually and socially active and avoid high stress. It would be wonderful to share all this in your midlife with your spouse and this would be helpful probably for preventing at the best most age-related diseases. Does this seem obvious doesn’t it?


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