I am a neurologist. I have been loving neurology since when, as a student  of medicine, I started to know the structural and functional neuroanatomy of the brain.
Every day I still wonder how the central and the peripheral nervous system determine simple or complex signs or behaviors in normal and pathological conditions.
Neurology is a wonderful medical discipline that requires a great knowledge but also special attention to the needs of the patients and their families.
I hope that this website will increase the exchanges with colleagues, collaborators and especially with persons and patients, next and far.

Here some details of my consultation

Monday-Friday: 9AM-18PM; Saturday: 9AM -1PM
Neuro-La-Côte. Neurology Center. Route de Cité-Ouest 2. 1196 Gland. Switzerland. The Neurology Center Neuro-La-Côte is in Gland, the « La-Côte » region, a natural region between Geneva and Lausanne.

Secretariat: opening hours: 9-12 AM- 1-5 PM since monday to friday. tel:022 995.97.44; fax:022. 995.97.64; . Out of Switzerland: 0041 22 995.97.44; fax 0041 22 995.97.64

email: neuro-la-cote@bluewin.ch

Acces :
Neuro-La-Côte. Neurology Center. 1st floor. Parking free at the main entry (places named « cabinet médical, neurologie »). Accessible to wheelchairs.

Languages: French, English, Italian.

Consultations: with the aim of diagnosis, establishing therapies and treatments, counseling, legal advice, second opinion. I see generally outpatients.

General Neurology
Behavioral neurology
Memory Disorders
Alzheimer Disease (early diagnosis, neuropsychological assessment, multidisciplinary evaluations, neuroradiological and nuclear medicine investigations, assessment for car driving)
Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders, pre-operatory evaluation
Headache and Migraine
Epilepsy and electroencephalography (EEG)
Multiple Sclerosis
Rigidity and Spasticity
Neuropathies and Polyneuropathies
Electromyography and Neuronography (Dr André Menétrey)
Mesotherapy for pain syndromes

 BLOG http://www.neuro-la-cote.info/blog/
I would like to discuss with you neurological issues, especially focusing on clinical signs, varying from the sensory-motor level to  the higher functions of cognition and behavior. I will try to add new posts according to the recent experiences I have on a daily basis with patients. Professionals or patients are free to leave a comment and open a discussion (in English, French or Italian). Welcome to the blog


If you have any question or suggestion please feel free to contact me

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